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 Brazilian waxing - Bikini line$18.0030min
 Brazilian waxing - Bikini area$35.0030min
 Brazilian waxing - Fullface$22.0030min
 Brazilian waxing - Underarms$12.0045min
 Brazilian waxing - Upperlips$3.0015min
 Brazilian waxing - Forhead$5.0015min
 Brazilian waxing - Cheek$10.0015min
 Brazilian waxing - Chin$4.0015min
 Aloe vera waxing - Full legs$30.0030min
 Aloe vera waxing - Half legs$20.0030min
 Aloe vera waxing - Full arms$20.0030min
 Aloe vera waxing - Half arms$15.0030min
 Aloe vera waxing - Underarms$10.0030min
 Chocolate waxing - Full legs$32.0030min
 Chocolate waxing - Half legs$22.0030min
 Chocolate waxing - Full arms$22.0030min
 Chocolate waxing - Half arms$18.0030min
 Chocolate waxing - Underarms$10.0015min
 Honey Waxing - Full legs$28.0030min
 Honey Waxing - Half legs$18.0030min
 Honey Waxing - Full arms$18.0030min
 Honey Waxing - Half arms$12.0030min
 Honey Waxing - Underarms$8.0015min
 Strawberry wax - Full legs$30.0030min
 Strawberry wax - Half legs$20.0030min
 Strawberry wax - Full arms$20.0030min
 Strawberry wax - Half arms$15.0030min
 Strawberry wax - Underarms$10.0015min
 Full Face waxing$22.0030min

Threading and Shaping

 Threading and Shaping$3.0015min

Hair Treatment

 Straight haircut$12.0030min
 U Shape cut$15.0030min
 Steps hair cut$18.0030min
 Hot Oil Head Massage$15.0030min
 Herbal (henna) treatment$15.0030min
 Herbal Homemade hair mask (hair loss, dry hair)$18.0030min


Cant get service details

Facial Treatment

 Hydrating Facial$52.001hr 30min
 Fruit Facial$38.001hr
 Customised Facial$55.001hr 30min
 Collagen Facial$52.001hr 30min
 Nano Gold Facial$52.001hr 30min
 VLCC Gold Facial$45.001hr 15min
 Anti-ageing Facial$55.001hr 30min
 Sensitive facial treatment$55.001hr 30min
 Oxygenating facial treatment$52.001hr 30min
 Lifting / firming facial$55.001hr 30min
 Anti-Acne Facial$52.001hr 30min
 Whitening Treatment Facial$55.001hr 30min
 Book Any Facial$0.001hr 30min
 Si-o2 Aroma Oil Controlling and Pore Minimizing Special Treatment$138.001hr 30min
 Si-o2 DIAMOND Facial Treatment$138.001hr 30min
 Neville Anti-blemish and Allergy Relief Treatment$138.001hr 30min
 Si-o2( Gold) Special Facial Treatment$138.001hr 30min

Other Services

 Eye Treatment for Dark circles, puffy eyes & wrinkles$15.0030min

Treatment Facial

Cant get service details