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Brazilian waxing

Brazilian waxing - Bikini line : S$18.00  Book Now
Brazilian waxing - Bikini area : S$35.00  Book Now
Brazilian waxing - Fullface : S$22.00  Book Now
Brazilian waxing - Underarms : S$12.00  Book Now
Brazilian waxing - Upperlips : S$3.00  Book Now
Brazilian waxing - Forhead : S$5.00  Book Now
Brazilian waxing - Cheek : S$10.00  Book Now
Brazilian waxing - Chin : S$4.00  Book Now
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Product Description

Brazilian waxing as the best and most long-lasting way for achieving smooth and hair-free pubic skin. At the same time, the Brazilian waxing is well known as the most painful hair removal method.

•Brazilian waxing insures the smooth, sexy, clean and hair-free pubic area for pretty long period (about 4-7 weeks).
•With special experiences, the Brazilian waxing can be done very fast and effective (clean, smooth, silky, sexy).
•Brazilian waxing (after several times) is making pubic hairs softer, finer and sparser.
•Properly used Brazilian waxing does not cause any itching, irritation, redness and/or ingrow.
•Brazilian waxing can be used for large pubic area at once as well as for different pubic hair styles.



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